Project Layouts

Master Plan


Griya Maharaja

Griya Maharaja is a spacious three bedroom villa in a plot of 350 sqm and built up area of 225 sqm. The Griya Maharaja, each in its own royal seclusion, is the final word in modern architectural charm, luxury and the ultimate in self-indulgence. With its very own view, a private pool, a private courtyard and regal interiors that exude the prosperous life style.



Griya Maharani

Griya Maharani is a spacious two bedroom villa in a plot of 200 sqm and built up area of 165 sqm. Designed in most modern homestead style and with a private courtyard and plunge pool, these villas at Mahagiri dreamland Resort offer a panoramic view of the exquisitely landscaped gardens, and the promise of a unique holiday experience.



Griya Bulan Madu

Griya Bulan Madu (The Honeymoon Villa - in Balinese) is a romantic one bedroom villa in a plot of 160 sqm and built up area of 105 sqm, ideal for a couple. If you are a couple seeking a honeymoon in Bali or just a romantic getaway, we've got the perfect vacation just for you! Let the magic of Mahagiri Dreamland serene and secluded ambience create an idyllic backdrop for an unforgettable honeymoon. Allow our staff to create a memorable experience customized to your individual taste.