Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the financial benefit of Mahagiri Dreamland Villas fractional ownership?

Mahagiri Dreamland Villas is the one-time investment, no recurring payments.

Each Fractional Owner is entitled to 14 nights usage per annum in Mahagiri Dreamland.

Owners can check in any day and stay for 1 or 2 days, weekend, or full use of your entitlement.

You can gift your entitlement to friends and family.

Huge accommodation saving.

Mahagiri Dreamland Villas is a project that suits your lifestyle and a wonderful asset that you can will, bequeath, gift or sell..

Why is fractional ownership a great alternative to villa rental in Bali?

Villa rental can be a risk. Your vacation experience is trusted to a stranger with an unknown track record and little accountability. Mahagiri Dreamland is there for you year after year, built and managed by professional developers and a property management team with over 20 years experience.

How long will we own our fractional ownership?

Fifty Years from the date of Occupancy.

Can we loan our fractional ownership to friends or family?

Yes. If you are unable to use your fractional ownership, you can lend it to your family & friends or rent it on your own. You must, however, provide management with advance notice and provide the names and contact information for all individuals that will be occupying your villa. All guests/renters will be bound by the Association Rules and you, as the owner of the villa, will be responsible for any damage that may occur.

Can I sell my fractional ownership?

Your shares are your investment to keep within the family for life, bequeath in your estate or sell at your discretion.

What about the resort maintenance?

The management team is well experienced in managing and maintaining luxury resort. Mahagiri Dreamland Villas will be maintained in the highest of standards year after year.

Can I have guests?

The villa is yours to enjoy with whomever you please. There are overnight occupancy limits of 4, 6 and 8 persons, including children, to 1, 2 and 3 bedroom villa respectively.

Can I exchange my Mahagiri Dreamland fractional ownership?

Yes, you can exchange your entitlement with future projects.